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Podcasting Resources

For more examples, check out our Imagine Otherwise podcast



Podcasting as Public Intellectualism - Ornage and black headphones on a teal wood background

Podcasting as Public Intellectualism

Learn how public scholars, academics, artists, activists, and cultural producers can use podcasting for public intellectualism.


Teaching with Podcasts - Person wears headphones and leans against a wall

Teaching with Podcasts

Teaching with podcasts can be a great way to help your students think critically about the topics your course engages and the world in which they live.

How to Be a Great Podcast Guest - Radio microphone, boom, and headphones

How to Be a Great Podcast Guest

How to best prepare for your interview, set up your recording space, ensure good sound quality, engage with your interviewer, and get the word out.

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Ideas on Fire's Favorite Podcasts

A great podcast episode can teach you something and inspire you to look at your own projects in a new light. Here are our favorite podcasts.

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The Best Podcasts for Interdisciplinary Academics

Podcasts for progressive, interdisciplinary academics on intersectional feminism, queer activism, racial justice, creativity, art, and social justice.

Podcast Episodes

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