Grad School Rockstars (monthly plan)

$49.00 / month

Grad School Rockstars is an online community of progressive, interdisciplinary scholars supporting each other online and off, within academia and beyond.

We believe in a holistic, intersectional approach to graduate education and careers—community building, creativity, self care, and overall wellness are prioritized just as highly as producing great scholarship and teaching.

From the coaches to the community members, we help each other produce amazing work, enliven public conversations, and build the careers and worlds we all can be proud of.


Member benefits:

– Access to a growing digital network of progressive, interdisciplinary grad students and coaches in gender + sexuality studies, ethnic studies, cultural studies, disability studies, performance studies + dance, and media studies

– Weekly online office hours with the four rockstar coaches who provide personalized feedback, support, and guidance on your projects and progress toward your goals

 Twice-monthly live webinars as well as access to our webinar video library on topics like dissertation writing routines, working with advisors, building diverse careers, work/life balance, self care, and organizing dissertation chapters

– Trainings, templates, and activity worksheets to help you set goals, organize your research, find new tools, build your community, and get your dissertation done