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Public Engagement Resources

Translate your research across audiences and genres and help your scholarship have real-world effects


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The Imagine Otherwise Podcast

Each episode of the Imagine Otherwise podcast is full of advice on how to up your public engagement game and features hundreds of models of how to do just that. Host Cathy Hannabach interviews academics, artists, and activists who use culture for social justice and to build better worlds.

Advice on finding and speaking to diverse audiences, why scholars need to work with and for communities, how to write op-eds, doing public history, academic libraries and community engagement, vulnerability and public writing, social media and museums as the new public sphere, hashtag syllabi, curating for social justice, blogging, activist scholarship, writing for fans, and why the interdisciplines have always prepared us for public work.


Community-Engaged Scholarship - Group of students with laptops, books, and phones in front of a transit map

How to Do Meaningful Community-Engaged Scholarship and Teaching

Learn best practices for doing community-engaged scholarship and teaching, including answers to those thorny ethical questions often provoked by this work.

Podcasting as Public Intellectualism - Ornage and black headphones on a teal wood background

Podcasting as Public Intellectualism

Learn how public scholars, academics, artists, activists, and cultural producers can use podcasting for public intellectualism.

Public Speaking for Academics - Row of stage microphones

Public Speaking for Academics and Other Non-Performers

How to put theater and performance techniques to use in your conference presentations, course lectures, and committee meetings.

Pedagogy in the Public Sphere - Brightly colored murals and posters in an urban space

Pedagogy in the Public Sphere

How to take your pedagogy into the public sphere: social media, service learning, social justice teaching, and what “going public” can mean inside and outside the academy.

Art-Based Research & Community-Based Research - Painter holding a paint pallet and paintbrush

Arts-Based and Community-Based Research

Arts-based research provides robust data and publishing opportunities, meaningful resources to communities, and experimentation in artistry.

Writing for Non-Academic Audiences - Close up on folded stack of newspapers

Writing for Non-Academic Audiences

How interdisciplinary scholars can harness their skills to produce public writing for diverse audiences and publishing venues.

Social Media for Academics. Image of social media icons on phone screen

Social Media for Academics

How to manage social media for academics wanting to build their careers, publish scholarship, foster community, and improve their research.


How to Make Your Academic Event Accessible

Accessibility is a social justice issue. Here's how to make your academic event accessible to a wide range of attendees, speakers, and staff.

How to Write Public Scholarship - Multicolored mural painted on a building

How to Write Public Scholarship

How interdisciplinary scholars can identify the best outlets for their public scholarship and make their writing accessible to diverse audiences.

Open Access Publishing - Close up on metal lock that is unlocked, hanging on a reddish wooden door

Open Access Publishing and Public Scholarship

Open access publishing makes our work accessible, but many worry whether it will "count." Here's how to decide whether open access is right for your piece.

Planning Your Academic Book Tour - Book pages arranged in a heart shape against yellow background

Planning Your Academic Book Tour

An academic book tour is a fantastic way to publicize your new scholarly book. Here's how to put one together that fits your time, resources, and goals.

Finding Non-Academic Mentors - Two people sit at a table talking with a laptop in front of them

Finding Non-Academic Mentors, Regardless of Your Career Path

Non-academic mentors bring a wealth of career expertise and life advice. Here's how to build and nurture those relationships regardless of your career path.

Why & How to Write a Book Review - Stack of books with eyeglasses on top

Why and How to Write a Book Review

Our guide on how to write a book review, why scholars should write them, and how they can make them work for their own research and goals.

Performance Tactics - Crowd of concertgoers

Performance Techniques to Make Your Presentation Shine

Not all of us academics are natural or trained performers, but all of us can improve our ability to perform. Here are some tips.

Building Your Personal Academic Website - Desk with two computer monitors, keyboard, and plant

Building Your Personal Academic Website

How to get started building a personal academic website that showcases your work as a scholar, educator, community member, and/or cultural producer.

How to Write a Great Speaker or Author Bio - Black notebook and teal pen

How to Write a Great Speaker or Author Bio

How to write an author bio or speaker bio that introduces you to specific audiences and brings in professional opportunities.

How to Be a Great Podcast Guest - Radio microphone, boom, and headphones

How to Be a Great Podcast Guest

How to best prepare for your interview, set up your recording space, ensure good sound quality, engage with your interviewer, and get the word out.

Academic book marketing, author platform - Multicolored neon lights arranged in a zig zag pattern

Academic Book Marketing: Audience and Author Platform

How to identify your academic book's audience and build an author platform that gets your book noticed, purchased, and engaged by that audience.

Academic Book Marketing Social Media Plan - Person wearing a navy blazer types on a laptop

Academic Book Marketing: Your Social Media Plan

Social media is a great way to do academic book promotion. Here's how to create a social media plan that fits your resources, time, and goals for your book.

Turning a Side Gig into a Career with Dismantle Magazine - Teal and orange abstract design on wall

Putting Your Interdisciplinary Degree to Work with Public Writing: A Peek Behind the Scenes with Dismantle

A behind-the-scenes look at how Dismantle Magazine co-founders Elise Chatelain and Sara Tatyana Bernstein are turning their side project into a career.