Public Speaking for Academics and Other Non-Performers

Public Speaking for Academics and Other Non-Performers

April 24, 2017

Public Speaking for Academics - Stage microphone in front of stage lights and an audience

Does getting in front of a room full of students still make you nervous after teaching for several years? Do you have a big conference presentation coming up? Want to get more audiences interested in your work through public platforms like podcasts, TED talks, and workshops? Or do you just want to get better at speaking in front of people? Scholars do a lot of presenting in public, yet few universities teach public speaking for academics.

In this webinar, Dr. Terry K. Park teaches strategies for rocking your teaching, conference, and public presentations from someone who has put his performance background to work in academia. Terry shares how people without performance experience can adapt some key techniques developed in theater and performance to academic and public intellectual settings.

Public Speaking for Academics

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