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Turning Your Dissertation into a Book

How to find a new frame for the project, identify your audiences, figure out what need to be cut and added, and construct the strong narrative arc necessary to turn it from a dissertation into a scholarly book.

Writing an Academic Book Proposal

What makes for a great academic book proposal? Learn what publishers looking for and how to make your proposal stand out from the crowd.

Revising Seminar Papers into Publications

How to transform seminar papers into different types of publishable writing, where to publish them and when, and how to tell when a paper is worth the work.

Writing for Non-Academic Audiences

How interdisciplinary scholars can harness their skills to produce public writing for diverse audiences and publishing venues.

How to Get Re-Inspired by an Old Project

Your project used to be exciting but your passion and motivation are gone. Learn how to get re-inspired by an old project like a book or dissertation.


Academic Book Publishing: Choosing a Press

Academic book publishing offers an array of press options. Here's how to identify the publisher that can best help your academic book reach your goals.

Planning Your Academic Book Tour

An academic book tour is a fantastic way to publicize your new scholarly book. Here's how to put one together that fits your time, resources, and goals.

What to Do with Reviewer Comments: The Big Picture

In this first part of our series on reviewer comments, we explain how to approach the revision process generously.

What to Do with Reviewer Comments: The Nitty-Gritty

In this second part of our series on reviewer comments, we explain how to decipher conflicting advice in academic peer reviewer reports and how to decide which reviewer suggestions to follow.

Open Access Publishing and Public Scholarship

Open access publishing makes our work accessible, but many worry whether it will "count." Here's how to decide whether open access is right for your piece.

How to Write Public Scholarship

How interdisciplinary scholars can identify the best outlets for their public scholarship and make their writing accessible to diverse audiences.

Turning a Side Gig into a Career with Dismantle Magazine - Teal and orange abstract design on wall

How to Build a Feminist Fashion Studies Magazine

A behind-the-scenes look at how Dismantle Magazine co-founders Elise Chatelain and Sara Tatyana Bernstein are turning their side project into a career.

How to Write a Great Speaker or Author Bio - Black notebook and teal pen

How to Write a Great Speaker or Author Bio

How to write an author bio or speaker bio that introduces you to specific audiences and brings in professional opportunities.

Academic Book Marketing: Your Social Media Plan

Social media is a great way to do academic book promotion. Here's how to create a social media plan that fits your resources, time, and goals for your book.

Academic Book Marketing: Audience and Author Platform

How to identify your academic book's audience and build an author platform that gets your book noticed, purchased, and engaged by that audience.

5 Things Book Indexers Wish Authors Knew - Exterior of a a purple apartment building with lots of balconies so it looks like boxes stacked on top of each other

5 Things Professional Book Indexers Wish Authors Knew

A great index is a work of art, helping readers find what they need. Here are 5 things professional book indexers wish authors knew about the process.

Understanding Conference and Journal Article Rejection

Rejection is never fun. But understanding how conference and journal article rejection works lets you give your research the best chance possible.

How to Write a Peer Review Report (without Being a Jerk)

Writing a useful peer review report requires approaching reviewing with respect and care, recognizing there is a human behind the work.

Myths and Misconceptions about Academic Peer Review

There are some stubborn myths out there about academic peer review (Can grad students review? Should reviews be nice or mean? Is there universal criteria?). Here we debunk several and clarify the role of peer review in the publishing process.

Why & How to Write a Book Review - Stack of books with eyeglasses on top

Why and How to Write a Book Review

Our guide on how to write a book review, why scholars should write them, and how they can make them work for their own research and goals.

Collaborative Research for Junior Faculty: Finding Collaborators

Academic collaborations can help you meet your career goals if approached right. Learn how to choose the best partners to work with on projects.

Collaborative Research for Junior Faculty: Finding Projects

Once you've decided on your partners for collaborative research, you'll need to find projects that meet your collective goals. Here's how to identify them.

When to Hire an Academic Editor and Indexer

So you're ready to hire an academic editor or indexer. Here we explain how far in advance this happens and how to know which kind of editing you need.

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