Publishing Your First Book - Desk with white keyboard, headphones, and mug with coffeeIdeas on Fire is heading to the University of Michigan next week to teach a workshop on writing and publishing your first book (usually your tenure book), specifically aimed at early-career faculty in global media studies.

Writing and Publishing Your First Book

Revising your dissertation into a book requires more than cutting the literature review and adding a new chapter. It requires framing the entire project from a student exercise to a cohesive scholarly contribution that diverse audiences will actually buy.

This hands-on, all-day workshop covers the entire process of writing and publishing your first book: how to identify your book’s audience, craft a new frame, revise the argument for that audience, find the best publisher for your project, and put together a successful book proposal.

Attendees will also workshop their book proposal draft, getting feedback from a developmental editor and an publisher acquisitions editor.

Want to bring this workshop to your campus? Drop us a line.

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