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Gayatri Gopinath wearing a black shirt and gold hoop earrings

Imagine Otherwise: Gayatri Gopinath on Queer Diasporic Aesthetics

Queer diaspora studies scholar Gayatri Gopinath on queering visual culture, revolutionary diasporic aesthetics, and the importance of mentoring queer scholars of color.


Elicia Gonzales wearing a black shirt, against a green backdrop

Imagine Otherwise: Elicia Gonzales on Latinx Reproductive Justice

Sex educator and reproductive justice advocate Elicia Gonzales on centering queer and trans intersectionality in Philadelphia Latinx AIDS activism and reproductive justice movements.


Amber Jamilla Musser wearing a black shirt and glasses

Imagine Otherwise: Amber Jamilla Musser on Valuing Embodied Knowledge

Feminist scholar Amber Jamilla Musser on aesthetics and racialized sexuality, the politics of co-authoring, and embodied knowledge.


Nadine Hubbs playing a yellow guitar

Imagine Otherwise: Nadine Hubbs on Listening Queerly

Musicologist Nadine Hubbs on listening queerly, Latinx millennials' relationship to American country music, and fostering queer musical community.


Sandra Ruiz wearing a grey vest and black shirt

Imagine Otherwise: Sandra Ruiz on Resetting the Colonial Clock

Curator and professor Sandra Ruiz on Puerto Rican anti-colonial resistance and imagining otherwise towards decolonization.


Black and white photo of Alix Olson wearing a black sweatshirt

Imagine Otherwise: Alix Olson on Transitioning from Performer to Professor

Poet and professor Alix Olson on career transitions, pedagogy, queer kinship, and the limits of resilience.


Black and white closeup photo of Tavia Nyong'o wearing glasses and pins on a jacket, hand raised above head

Imagine Otherwise: Tavia Nyong’o on Revolutionary Queer Imaginaries

Queer studies scholar Tavia Nyong'o on the ongoing project of Black abolition and centering queer of color joy and pleasure.


Jian Neo Chen wearing a black leather jacket and white button-down shirt standing in front of a fountain

Imagine Otherwise: Jian Neo Chen on Trans of Color Art and Activism

Transgender studies scholar Jian Neo Chen on the histories and futures of transgender studies publishing and drawing academic inspiration from art and activism.


Francesca Royster wearing tortoiseshell glasses, teal earrings, and a multicolored shirt

Imagine Otherwise: Francesca T. Royster on Writing Courageously

Professor and writer Francesca T. Royster on the queer afterlives of soul music, her formidable family histories, and the power of storytelling.


Shaka McGlotten wearing a grey shirt and black hat with "boy" written on it

Imagine Otherwise: Shaka McGlotten on the Passion of Inquiry

Professor and artist Shaka McGlotten on how queer and trans communities of color can use voguing, drag, and what Shaka calls "Black Data" to imagine and create new worlds.


Bianca Laureano wearing a black and white striped shirt and silver earrings

Imagine Otherwise: Bianca Laureano on Feminist Afro-Latinx Sex Education

Educator and sexologist Bianca Laureano on the radical work of women of color sexual health communities and feminist Afro-Latinx sex education.


Nia King wearing a black blazer and gold hoop earrings

Imagine Otherwise: Nia King on Supporting Queer and Trans Artists of Color

Podcaster Nia King on how she came to host the podcast We Want the Airwaves and why getting queer and trans artists of color paid fairly for their work is a key part of how she imagines otherwise.


Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha wearing purple lipstick, a black shirt, and gold earrrings

Imagine Otherwise: Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha on Disability Justice

Poet and activist Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha on the past successes and current challenges of the disability justice movement and its intersections with queer, feminist, and anticolonial politics.


Lynn Comella wearing a black shirt and glasses, in front of a bookcase

Imagine Otherwise: Lynn Comella on Finding Your Voice

Gender studies scholar Lynn Comella on the fierce women and queers who jump started the feminist sex toy revolution and how scholars can up their public engagement game.


Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha wearing purple lipstick, a black shirt, and gold earrrings

Imagine Otherwise: Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha on Radical Memoir

Poet and activist Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha on her memoir Dirty River and how queer brown and disabled femmes write themselves into history.


Manuel Cuellar wearing a magenta patterned sweater and white collared shirt, standing in a field with trees

Imagine Otherwise: Manuel Cuellar on Dancing as Community Building

Manuel Cuellar talks about queering Mexican folkloric dance and how Indigenous knowledge production provides an alternative to traditional universities.


Rosanna Raymond wearing a black shirt and colorful scarf, Léuli Māzyār Lunaʻi Eshrāghi performing in a red boa ad black shirt, and Ricky Tagaban in a green patterned hat

Imagine Otherwise: Rosanna Raymond, Léuli Māzyār Lunaʻi Eshrāghi, and Ricky Tagaban on Indigenous Sovereignty Movements

Indigenous artists Rosanna Raymond, Léuli Māzyār Lunaʻi Eshrāghi, and Ricky Tagaban on how art can address global warming, queerness, and ancestral teachings.


Karen Jaime wearing a grey suit and white button-down shirt

Imagine Otherwise: Karen Jaime on Queer Puerto Rican Slam Poetry

Slam poet and performance studies scholar Karen Jaime on NYC queer and trans* Puerto Rican poets and how masculine-of-center and butch professors can use the classroom as an artistic/activist space.


Francisco Galarte wearing a dark grey suit, red patterned tie, and glasses

Imagine Otherwise: Francisco Galarte on Chicanx Transgender Style

Chicanx studies scholar Francisco Galarte on the racialized politics of style for Chicanx queer and transgender subjects, the classroom as a social justice space, and how trans faculty of color can queer the academy.


Tala Khanmalek wearing a purple blazer and gold earrings

Imagine Otherwise: Tala Khanmalek on Femme of Color Healing Justice

Feminist scholar Tala Khanmalek on how academics can incorporate femme-of-color  healing justice and disability justice into academic workflows.


Ronak Kapadia wearing a black button-down shirt, in front of bright green leaves

Imagine Otherwise: Ronak Kapadia on Resisting Imperial Visuality

Transnational queer studies scholar Ronak Kapadia on how Middle East, Arab, and South Asian artists are using visual culture to critique US empire and self-care and community care as feminist disability/healing justice ways to imagine otherwise.


Alice Y. Yom wearing a light blue checkered suit and blue plaid tie

Imagine Otherwise: Alice Y. Hom on Queer Public History

Community organizer and historian Alice Y. Hom on the political and personal process of starting a history podcast about queer and trans people of color.


Karen Tongson wearing a black sweater and white shirt, in front of a bookcase

Imagine Otherwise: Karen Tongson on the Pleasures of Pop Culture

Podcaster and queer studies scholar Karen Tongson chats about music and its relationship to place, the migratory and melodic flows between Manila and Los Angeles and the queer and transnational inspiration that Karen draws from her namesake, Karen Carpenter.


micha cárdenas wearing a red coat, in front of green leaves

Imagine Otherwise: micha cárdenas on Wearable Technologies for Racial Justice

Artis and scholar micha cárdenas on using wearable technologies to protect Black and Latinx communities from police violence and how queer and trans communities of color are imagining and creating more just worlds.


Nikiko Masumoto wearing a black jacket and blue button-down shirt looking joyously to the sky, below peach trees

Imagine Otherwise: Nikiko Masumoto on Queer, Feminist Japanese American Farming

Farmer and playwright Nikiko Masumoto on queer feminist of color farming in California's Central Valley and creative entrepreneurship for rural artists.


Lauren Rile Smith wearing an orange scarf and glasses

Imagine Otherwise: Lauren Rile Smith on Feminist Circus Art

Dancer and poet Lauren Rile Smith on directing the feminist and queer circus arts troupe Tangle Movement Arts and how disability shapes her relationship to dancing bodies.


Black and white photo of Margaret Rhee wearing a dark shirt, looking over her shoulder

Imagine Otherwise: Margaret Rhee on Queer Feminist Robot Poetry

Poet and scholar Margaret Rhee on the magic that can happen when one brings art, activism, and academia together; her new poetry book Radio Heart: or, How Robots Fall Out of Love; and what teaching new media classes in prisons taught her about intersectionality.


Sawyer Lovett wearing a black shirt

Imagine Otherwise: Sawyer Lovett on Queer Southern Memoir Zines

Memoirist and zinester Sawyer Lovett on the power of zines and memoirs for Southern, poor, queer and trans youth.


E. Patrick Johnson wearing a black button-down shirt, looking over his shoulder

Imagine Otherwise: E. Patrick Johnson on Oral History and Creativity Rituals

Playwright and oral historian E. Patrick Johnson on how Black gay men and women are crafting community-based oral histories.


Karma Chávez wearing a light blue shirt

Imagine Otherwise: Karma Chávez on Queer Migration Politics

Radio host and feminist scholar Karma Chávez on the intersectional queer politics of migration and how grassroots activism is essential to social change.


Aymar Jean Christian wearing a black shirt

Imagine Otherwise: Aymar Jean Christian on Queer and Trans of Color Media Production

Open TV founder Aymar Jean Christian on producing independent web series by queers, women, and trans people of color.