Dealing with Rejection in Academia. Overcast grey stormy sky above a long pierDealing with rejection in academia is integral to life as a scholar. Our papers get rejected from journals, our book proposals from editors, and our pitches from online publishers. We get rejected from dissertation fellowships, research teams, faculty advisors we seek, you name it.

And if we’ve somehow avoided rejection so far, the academic job market is there waiting with a likely avalanche of NOs. Rejection is just part of the show, and learning how to deal with rejection productively is essential to continuing on in the academy.

In this webinar, Ideas on Fire coach and perennial reject Dr. Kate Drabinski helps you learn how to navigate rejection in academia without getting derailed, how to get back on track, and how to keep doing the work even when the universe feels like it’s trying to tell you to stop.

Dealing with Rejection in Academia

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