Sara Day

Project manager
Sara Day wearing an orange sweater, in front of bookshelves

Dr. Sara Day (she/her) is an editorial project manager at Ideas on Fire, where she guides client manuscripts through the editing process.

A former English professor, Sara is a freelance editor who enjoys working with both academic and creative writers. Her own research interests include children’s and young adult literature, gender studies, narrative theory, and fandom studies.

Sara is the author of Reading Like a Girl: Narrative Intimacy in Contemporary American Adolescent Literature (University Press of Mississippi, 2013) and former editor of the Children’s Literature Association Quarterly.

Her work has also appeared in Studies in the Novel, Journal of Fandom Studies, and Humanities, as well as several edited collections.

She earned her PhD in English from Texas A&M University and her BA in writing and English from Loyola University Maryland.

In her free time, Sara enjoys traveling, baking, and fiber arts. She is currently adjusting to the sunshine and beautiful mountain views in her family’s new hometown of Colorado Springs. 

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