Revising Seminar Papers into Publications

by | Oct 19, 2017

Writing seminar papers can seem like a rote task as you work your way through courses in graduate school. This can feel especially true when all of your research and writing ends up in a drawer somewhere, never read by anyone but a professor hurrying through grading before winter break. Your peers and graduate advisors might suggest you revise your papers into publications but they rarely explain how to do this, especially given the crush of the next round of work.

In this webinar, Dr. Kate Drabinski examines how to take those seminar papers out of their drawers and get them published. She covers how to transform papers into different types of publishable writing, where to publish them and when, and how to tell when a paper is worth the work.

Author: Kate Drabinski

Kate Drabinski is the education director at Ideas on Fire, an avid bicyclist, and a senior lecturer in gender and women's studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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