Using Side Gigs for Career Options - Brightly colored leaves against a blue skyMany of us decide to go to graduate school because we want to be college professors. And that makes sense—that’s the job graduate school is supposed to train us to do.

Once there, though, we often face the immediate problem of stipends and salaries that don’t pay the bills and the future problem of an academic job market that simply does not have room for all of us, no matter how good we are at what we do.

If we do find work in the academy, it is increasingly contingent and transitory, demanding we keep an eye out for more sustainable work elsewhere. How can we find work that can help us make ends meet right now while also expanding our career options outside the academy?

In this webinar, Dr. Kate Drabinski shares how to find side gigs, how to balance them with your academic day jobs, and how to use them to get out from under exploitative work conditions in universities.

Using Side Gigs to Explore Career Options

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