Stephanie Malak

Developmental editor
Stephanie Malak wearing a black blazer and white shirt

Dr. Stephanie Malak (she/her) is a developmental editor at Ideas on Fire, where she supports interdisciplinary scholars in finding shared ground between their scholarly research and writerly voice.

Stephanie is a contributing editor at Amherst College’s The Common magazine and has worked across various roles in literary and academic publishing, including at the University of Texas Press and the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses. She enjoys shepherding writers through the entirety of the publication process, from first drafts to publisher pitches.

Stephanie is the former director of the Los Angeles Review of Books’ publishing wing, LARB Books, as well as a Mellon/ACLS public fellow. After a decade of teaching writing and language courses at the University of Texas at Austin and the State University of New York, she is currently the senior associate director of internship programs and special initiatives at Beyond Barnard.

Stephanie earned her PhD in Latin American literature from the University of Texas at Austin. She lives near Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York.

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