Writing a Student-Centered Syllabus that Saves You Time - Books and a tablet on a classroom deskThe trend toward student-centered learning is pedagogically sound, but it can also be incredibly time consuming for instructors. It takes time to consider the needs of individual students, plan activities that facilitate their independent work, and produce classroom experiences that get the best from them. Student-centered learning starts with the syllabus. More than just a document that tells students what to do and when, the syllabus sets the stage for the class as a whole. How can we write a syllabus that centers students from the start? How can that syllabus also save us time, in spite of these time consuming pedagogical strategies?

In this webinar, Dr. Kate Drabinski shares student-centered syllabus design strategies that also save time—from day one until the end of the term.

Writing a Student-Centered Syllabus that Saves You Time

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