Join us for a Succeeding Outside the Academy Book Party and Discussion!

Join us for a Succeeding Outside the Academy Book Party and Discussion!

November 6, 2018

Succeeding Beyond the Academy Book party - Multicolored balloons

Join us for a book launch party and discussion to celebrate the publication of

Succeeding Outside the Academy:

Career Paths beyond the Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM

In her contribution to the book, IoF founder Cathy Hannabach chronicles her journey from gender studies professor to CEO of Ideas on Fire and offers advice on how to “run toward yourself” in building a career beyond the academy.

Speakers include:

  • Kelly J. Baker: Editor of Women in Higher Education
  • Joseph Fruscione: Freelance editor and writer
  • Cathy Hannabach: CEO of Ideas on Fire
  • L. Maren Wood: Co-founder of Beyond the Professoriate

Register to join us for a discussion of how to rock your transition out of the academy and build a kick-ass career.

This event is free and open to the public.

Book Description

Not every PhD becomes a professor. Some never want to, but others discover—too late and ill-prepared to look elsewhere—that there’s precious little room in today’s ivory tower, and what’s there might not be a good fit. For those leaving academia, or wanting out, or finding themselves adrift, this book offers hope, advice, and a bracing look at how others facing the same quandary have made careers outside of the academy work.

All of the authors in this volume, as well as the editors, have built successful careers beyond the groves of academia—as freelance editors and writers, consultants and lecturers, librarians, realtors, and entrepreneurs—and each has a compelling story to tell. Their accounts afford readers a firsthand view of what it takes to transition from professor to professional. They also give plenty of practical advice, along with hard-won insights into what making a move beyond the academy might entail—emotionally, intellectually, and, not least, financially. Imparting what they wish they’d known during their PhDs, these writers aim to spare those who follow in their uncertain footsteps. Together their essays point the way out of the “tenure track or bust” mindset and toward a world of different but no less rewarding possibilities.

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