Teaching Resources - Brick barrel vault corridor on college campus

Teaching Resources

Deliver awesome lectures, lead great discussions, manage grading, mentor students, and write syllabi that work


Community-Engaged Scholarship - Group of students with laptops, books, and phones in front of a transit map

How to Do Meaningful Community-Engaged Scholarship and Teaching

Learn best practices for doing community-engaged scholarship and teaching, including answers to those thorny ethical questions often provoked by this work.

Pedagogy in the Public Sphere - Brightly colored murals and posters in an urban space

Pedagogy in the Public Sphere

How to take your pedagogy into the public sphere: social media, service learning, social justice teaching, and what “going public” can mean inside and outside the academy.

Writing Syllabi that Work - Multicolored colored pencils arranged in a circle

Writing Syllabi that Work for the Classroom and Beyond

Best practices for crafting syllabi for multiple audiences: diverse students, job search committees, colleagues, and department chairs.

Student-Centered Syllabus - Books and an iPad on a desk

Writing a Student-Centered Syllabus that Saves You Time

Strategies to write a student-centered syllabus that also saves you time as an instructor—from day one until the end of the term.

Teaching Techniques to Save You Time: Word cloud of education-related terms in front of stacks of education and pedagogy books

Teaching Techniques to Save You Time and Energy

Teaching takes up as much time as we let it. But how do we save time without shortchanging students? Learn teaching techniques to save you time and energy.

Public Speaking for Academics - Row of stage microphones

Public Speaking for Academics

How to put theater and performance techniques to use in your conference presentations, course lectures, and committee meetings.

Teaching toward Inclusive Excellence - Blackboard with stack of books, top book is open

Tips for Teaching toward Inclusive Excellence

Tips for teaching toward inclusive excellence, including writing the syllabus, planning the first day of class, and leading classroom discussions.


Teaching with Podcasts - Person wears headphones and leans against a wall

Teaching with Podcasts: Assignments, Scholarship, and Critical Listening

Teaching with podcasts can be a great way to help your students think critically about the topics your course engages and the world in which they live.

Teaching Students How to Use Archival Sources - Archive with shelves of boxed collections

Teaching Students How to Use Archival Sources

How archival sources can enrich the learning experience and tips on creating assignments that show the political and intellectual stakes of the archive.

Classroom Icebreakers - Rows of hot pink classroom chairs

Classroom Icebreakers to Kick Off a Great Semester

What to do on the first day of class to ensure a great semester? Here are some classroom icebreakers that get students engaged and comfortable.

Fostering Dynamic Classroom Discussions - Group of people sit around a seminar table, one person raises their hand to speak

Fostering Dynamic Classroom Discussions

Practical tips to get students talking, encourage productive conversations, and create a supportive classroom environment for learning.

Leading a Discussion Section as a Teaching Assistant - Conference room with two conference tables and chairs

Leading a Great Discussion Section as a Teaching Assistant

How to lead a great discussion section as a teaching assistant that ensures your students better grasp the material, feel comfortable asking questions, and learn to think critically about the world around them.

Manage Grading without Getting Overwhelmed - Giant jumbled pile of papers, notebooks, and books

Manage Grading without Getting Overwhelmed

Grading is one of the most challenging, thankless, and important parts of teaching. Here are some tips for managing grading without getting overwhelmed.

Teaching During the Summer - Multicolored classroom rows of chairs

Teaching During the Summer: Challenges and Opportunities

Things to keep in mind as you approach your summer teaching and our best strategies for a creating a positive, productive educational experience.

Brave New World of Remote Teaching - Person wearing headphones types on a laptop

The Brave New World of Remote Online Teaching

An overview of online remote teaching opportunities for PhDs seeking more flexibility and options in their teaching careers.

Practical Strategies for Taking Notes - Person takes notes by hand, with an open book, coffee cup, and laptop on the table

Practical Strategies for Taking Notes

Practical techniques for students taking notes that ensure they can find, understand, expand, and use them later in their various projects.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation - Stack of papers with a handwritten letter in foreground

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Student

How to write a letter of recommendation for a student, including figure out whether you can honestly endorse them, where to begin, and how to follow up.

What I Wish I'd Known About Tenure Review : Grey stairs leading upward with center section painted red

Teaching Stuff You Need to Track for Your Tenure File

Prepping your materials for tenure review is time consuming and stressful. But it is much easier if you keep things organized as you go. Here's how.

Favorite Films to Teach - Movie theater with Bollywood film showing on the screen

Ideas on Fire’s Favorite Films to Teach

Ideas on Fire's favorite films to teach in the interdisciplinary classroom: gender studies, ethnic studies, queer studies, and cultural studies.

Most Inspiring Classes - Person writing on a chalkboard

Ideas on Fire’s Most Inspiring Classes

The classes that have most inspired us. These are the courses that opened our eyes to something we'd never seen before or defined our trajectory in new ways.

Performance Tactics - Crowd of concertgoers

Performance Tactics You Can Use in the Classroom

Not all of us academics are natural or trained performers, but all of us can improve our ability to perform. Here are some tips.

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