Emma Warnken Johnson

Developmental Editor, Copyeditor, and Indexer

Emma Warnken Johnson is a developmental editor, copyeditor, and indexer at Ideas on Fire, where she ensures our academic clients have clear and powerful prose as well as kick-ass indexes to reach diverse audiences.

Emma also runs her own freelance editing business where she provides developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, and indexing for scholarly works, textbooks, trade non-fiction, and materials for educational and nonprofit organizations. 

Emma is a former production manager at the Canadian Scholars Press/Women's Press, is a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada, and has worked at several other publishing houses, including Random House and Oxford University Press.

Emma holds an MA in archaeology from the UCL Institute of Archaeology, a BA in anthropology and classics from McGill University, and a publishing certificate from Ryerson University's Publishing Program. 

Emma Warnken Johnson