Weekend Reading: Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries

Weekend Reading: Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries

July 6, 2017
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Boundaries are inherently restrictive yet undeniably powerful. They feel definitive but are often contingent. They can be limiting but are also tremendous tools for self-care and empowerment. Our readings this weekend urge us to consider, challenge, and resist the many boundaries set by academic life. They push us to recognize that setting boundaries can also sometimes be an act of resistance, and remind us that even the most revered boundary in academia—tenure—is not always what we imagine it to be.

Academics passionate about teaching might feel alienated in a higher ed landscape that disproportionately values research. The high school classroom can be a fantastic place for people with PhDs who want to do meaningful work with students.

Productivity is too often equated with writing output, but what if you’re working on projects other than a new book right now? Resisting the pressure to write can feel like you’re breaking the rules, but it shouldn’t have to.

When attention and resources are scarce and unfairly allocated, being vigilant about the time you give and the time you’re owed can be a radical feminist act.

Activist, artist, and producer Leeroy Moore, Jr. works across boundaries in his advocacy for people of color and people with disabilities.

The experience of tenure, and the academic freedom that presumably comes with it, is not always so free for academics from marginalized communities.

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