Weekend Reading: Disability, Labor, and the Pros/Cons of the Tenure Track

Weekend Reading: Disability, Labor, and the Pros/Cons of the Tenure Track

October 13, 2016

Weekend Reading - Orange tabby cat wearing glasses reading from an open book

Welcome to Ideas on Fire’s new series, Weekend Reading! Here we’ll be bringing the best of what the Internet has to offer at the intersection of academia and activism. As our tagline implies, at Ideas on Fire, we are all about providing tools for the progressive academic. Part of this work is to highlight and enhance an ongoing public conversation on the relationship between the academy, social justice, creativity and community.

This week, our browsing led us to reflect on disability, vulnerability and labor issues in academia, approaches to obtaining a job as an assistant professor, and the pros and cons to staying on the tenure track at all:

Grad School Rockstars member Jessica Neasbitt takes an unflinching look at how Graduate School is Like a Disease in a post for Medium.

Martha Lincoln writes a compelling guest post for the Professor is In on her experiences with Cancer on the Tenure Track.

The ScholarStudio Blog put together a great list of resources on Mental Health in Academia for graduate students and faculty advisors.

As politically engaged faculty are increasingly stretched thin, Kerry Ann Rockquemore shares meaningful ways to be an Ally in Troubling Times.

Karen Kelsky of the Professor is In gives advice to faculty on Applying for Jobs as an Assistant Professor.

Whether to stay on the tenure track can be one of the most challenging career decisions faced by graduate students and young faculty. Fatima Williams Castro thoughtfully maps What You Should Consider before leaving.

Writing is at the heart of much of what we do. Rachel Toor shares her Bookshelf and the 5 books that helped her become a writer.

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