Weekend Reading - Orange tabby cat wearing glasses reading from an open bookWhat does embracing different perspectives, seeing things from a new angle, and imagining otherwise actually look like? What does it take to do more than talk about diversity, inclusion, and transformation? Our readings this weekend ask these questions and propose some powerful answers.

Discussions on the transformative power of research need to hold methods at their center. Turning to indigenous research methods can help challenge the Eurocentric modes of scholarship that have long dominated the academy.

Scholars from marginalized communities often experience academia as hostile and unwelcoming. Chicana Motherwork offers some sound council to women scholars of color navigating their PhD programs.

We are getting better at talking about the diverse career paths you can take with a PhD, but are faculty mentors really equipped to do more than just talk the career diversity talk?

In an environment that frames success as singular, the simple act of reading out loud with others can be a radical step towards building a deeper, more intimate community.

Academic conferences are a great opportunity to network with other scholars, generate new ideas, and receive meaningful feedback on your work. They are also costly, inconvenient, and inaccessible for many academics. What would it take to make conferences truly accessible for a diverse range of participants?

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