Weekend Reading: Academic Mental Health

Weekend Reading: Academic Mental Health

June 29, 2017
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Academic life requires a considerable amount of emotional and psychological labor, but the conversation on mental health in higher ed lags woefully behind. We need to care for ourselves better and learn to set healthy boundaries. We also need to learn to recognize—and provide support—when our students, colleagues, and employees are struggling. Perhaps most importantly, we need to understand that for lasting change to happen, conversations on diversity, inclusion, and wellness can’t be had separately. From mentorship to teaching to managing burnout, our readings this weekend urge us to recognize and legitimize the mental health crisis in academia, and suggest meaningful ways to navigate the emotional landscape of higher ed.

Checking in, listening acutely, and establishing a consistent structure are all tools supervisors can use to better support their grad students.

Discussions on trigger warnings in the classroom are inevitably about how we approach mental illness in this culture.

The shift from an active, engaged semester to an open, often unstable summer schedule can be stressful and isolating.

At certain times of the day, week, or year, our energy waxes and wanes. Part of practicing self-care as an academic involves Matching Your Tasks To Your Energy Level.

Academic life is aggressively focused on the individual, and can be deeply isolating for many. But meaningful community building not only helps with stress, but also helps you do your best thinking.

Female academics, academics of color, and others coming into higher ed from marginalized communities are especially vulnerable to PTSD, stress, and trauma on top of the rigorous of academic life.

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