Weekend Reading: Practicing What We Preach

Weekend Reading: Practicing What We Preach

May 25, 2017
Weekend Reading - Orange tabby cat wearing glasses reading from an open book

Sometimes all we notice about academic life are its peculiarities, the ways in which the University is different from other spaces. But the lessons we learn in academia are life lessons more often than not, and the skills we develop in graduate school serve us beyond its boundaries. In turn, our own academic professionalism can benefit from the common sense we use in other areas of life. This weekend at Ideas on Fire, our reading has us reflecting on the relationship between our academic and professional endeavors and what it means to live our practice as scholars, activists, and innovators.

Despite the unique challenges of scholarly life, Your PhD and Work Experience are Great Life Experience that can help you beyond the University.

In an age where the word “feminism” seems to be on everyone’s lips, Sara Ahmed reminds us that Feminism Must Be Lived.

The academic career path has traditionally been a rigid one, but your degree can increasingly take you in unexpected directions.

The debate around the etiquette of student–professor communications involves questions of class, privilege, and professionalism—on both sides.

The precarity of adjunct life are well known, but the cost of being underpaid, overworked, and uninsured doesn’t just affect instructors themselvesit has a ripple effect across the University.

The most powerful activism involves self-reflection and accountability. But how do we build better, more inclusive, and more progressive communities without turning on each other?

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