Weekend Reading - Orange tabby cat wearing glasses reading from an open bookToday, December 1, is World AIDS Day when we ACT UP, fight back, and fight AIDS—everywhere. We also mourn those we have lost, a mourning disproportionately borne by marginalized communities. This week at Ideas on Fire, we’ve been reading about ways to recommit to diversity, activist scholarship, and teaching while also caring for ourselves and each other.

Too often faculty diversity initiatives reflect neoliberal “add one and stir” models rather than the broad-based, intersectional, social justice frameworks from which the call for diversity originally comes. Here is a next step in diversifying faculty and why giving faculty the freedom to fail means more creative and engaged learning for students.

Fem Tech Net has just launched a new Center for Solutions to Online Violence to support activists, scholars, artists, and cultural workers.

Caring for ourselves and each other can be hard for activist-scholars, especially when we are also trying to care for our students. Here’s some tips on how to help the cause when you need help yourself and how to practice self-care when you’re grieving.

And finally, if you’re like most academics this time of year, you’re probably feeling the grading/writing/deadline/holiday crunch. That’s why it is so crucial to take active steps to prevent burnout. Join us for a FREE webinar about Self-Care at the End of the Semester on December 7, led by IoF Grad School Rockstars Coach Julia Jordan-Zachery. Even if you can’t attend the day of, if you register we’ll send you the video replay afterwards to view whenever you want.

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