Weekend Reading: Thinking Beyond Our Current System

Weekend Reading: Thinking Beyond Our Current System

June 15, 2017
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Sometimes, we miss things because life moves at a frantic pace. But many times, the broader cultural and institutional systems through which we move make certain things impossible to see. Alongside imagining new and better worlds, a critical part of activist work is bringing to light the inequities around us that we may not see or know how to reconcile. Our reading for this weekend collects pieces that ask us to shift our viewpoints, listen better, open ourselves up to the unexpected, and rethink what we mean by (and how we practice) inclusivity.

Policing language and grammer in service of education is one way pedagogy and colonialism are often still aligned.

The case of Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor reminds us that outrage is often selective.

In a culture that values visibility so tremendously, those with so-called “invisible illnesses” often struggle with misdiagnosis, lack of access to proper medical care, and precarious employment.

So much of social and professional life is entwined with drinking, but what if you don’t drink? Our conversations on inclusivity need to better address the needs of those who avoid alcohol for personal, health, or cultural reasons.

By now the challenges of landing a tenure-track job (and working a faculty job) are well-known, but what about what you can do with a Ph.D.? The work of landing a tenure-track, alt-ac or post-ac job includes being open to new, creative, and unforeseen possibilities.

Looking to become a better ally, but stumbling? Instead of getting defensive, try this.

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