Wellness for Academics, Scholars, and Other Cultural Workers

by | Dec 17, 2018

Wellness for academics, scholars, and other cultural workers often takes a back seat to other priorities. So much of these careers is cerebral that it can be easy to forget about the rest of us. Yet, our bodies remind us regularly that they need care. Our backs hurt from the weight of stress. Our hands and wrists ache from constant typing. Our bones are tired from fatigue that accompanies late nights and endless deadlines. Our guts roil from a lack of nourishing food.

What does wellness mean for academics, scholars, and other cultural workers? How can we find time to care for our bodies when so many other demands seem more pressing?

In this webinar, Dr. Kate Drabinski discusses ways of nourishing our bodies with exercise, food, and self-care to create genuine wellness.

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Author: <a href="https://ideasonfire.net/author/kdrabinski/" target="_self">Kate Drabinski</a>

Author: Kate Drabinski

Kate Drabinski is the education director at Ideas on Fire, an avid bicyclist, and a senior lecturer in gender and women's studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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