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Write for Ideas on Fire

Ideas on Fire is looking for blog post pitches that offer practical advice for building interdisciplinary, social justice-oriented careers within and beyond the academy.

Our authors are cultural producers, editors, scholars, educators, artists, and podcasters who know that interdisciplinary PhDs build vibrant careers in all kinds of industries and fields and love writing pieces to help them do so.

Our main topics include writing routines and practices, academic and crossover publishing (especially books), interdisciplinary careers within and beyond the academy, academic book marketing, creativity, scholarly editing, book indexing, self-care, mentorship for diverse careers, and interdisciplinary teaching.

Check out our blog for examples of the types and tone of the articles we publish. Some key examples of articles we’ve published include Structuring Your Next Book or Dissertation; How to Write Public Scholarship; Academic Book Marketing: Building Your Audience Platform; Mentoring Students Pursuing Non-Academic Careers; How to Create Realistic Writing Deadlines; Rethinking Your Relationship to Reading; Teaching with Podcasts; Daily Self-Care Practices for Your Wellness Routine; Why and How to Write a Book Review; and Performance Tactics to Make Your Presentation Shine.

Before pitching, look through our already published content (blog posts and webinars) to make sure we haven't already covered it. Your pitch should offer a unique angle or topic that fits our specific audience—skip the generic advice folks can and do get anywhere.

Payment: We pay USD $70 per published post

Post length: 1000–2000 words

Process: To pitch us a post idea, fill out the form below (if you haven't already published with us, please upload your resume and links to similar pieces you've published). If your idea sounds like a good fit for our audience and our editorial calendar, we’ll ask to see the full piece. If we decide to publish it we’ll draw up a contract with you, and if we decide it isn’t a good fit for us, we’ll let you know (and encourage you to submit it elsewhere because chances are there is a publisher/platform that is a better fit). If accepted, your piece will go through our editing process (see the FAQ below) and then get published on our website!

Please note that we only accept ORIGINAL pitches: your piece can't have already been published elsewhere (including your own website) and your idea should be your own, not someone else's.

See our privacy policy for how we keep info you submit through this form secure

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to have a finished piece before pitching?

No. See the pitch form for what we ask for in the process. Because you’ll need to provide a title, description, and which of our article categories your piece embodies, you will need to do some work conceptualizing your idea and how it fits our audience and editorial voice. But you don’t need a finished piece yet. We value your time (and ours) and don’t care to make you spend loads of time writing up pieces that we can tell right off the bat aren’t a good fit. (Now if only academic journals did this…)

Can you use first-person?

Yes! Feel free to write using “I” and bring in your experiences as relevant but keep in mind the post is advice you are offering to others so the emphasis should be on the audience. Check out our posts for ideas on how to balance this.

Who owns copyright?

You retain full copyright of your post and grant Ideas on Fire the limited right to post it on our websites and social media platforms. You’ll be clearly identified as the post author. In short, it’s your piece and you own it. You are welcome to republish your post on your own websites or elsewhere but you must state that it was first published at Ideas on Fire and include a link to the post on our website.

Will your post be edited?

Yes. All posts and post titles are developmentally edited (for content) and copyedited (for writing) by an IoF editor, which you agree to when you and IoF sign a contract for the piece. We also add hyperlinks to our other content and images as relevant. That said, make sure to do basic editing on your own before sending it to us: clean up the grammar, fix any awkward syntax, run spell-check, double-check any hyperlinks, confirm the spellings and diacritics of any names, etc.—the basic stuff you’d do when submitting any professional thing.

When will your post be published?

We fit posts into our existing editorial calendar and we plan out our calendar per quarter. If you piece is time-sensitive (beginning/end of the semester, conference season, current event, etc.) we will take this into account when scheduling it. Evergreen posts are more flexible.

Can you pitch more than one topic/idea?

Yes, but you'll need to fill out the form separately for each pitch. If you've never published with us before, please keep the number of pitched pieces low (3 max) so we have time to evaluate whether we're a good match.

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