Writing for Non-Academic Audiences

Writing for Non-Academic Audiences

May 30, 2017

Writing for Non-Academic Audiences - Stack of newspapers next to a mug

In academia, we strive to strengthen our writing, develop a regular writing practice, and write more productively. We focus deeply on scholarly writing in particular, crafting papers that are often accessible only to a select academic audience. This work is important and meaningful, but what if we want to write for a different audience? How can we learn to develop our authorial voice in new ways, do public writing, and expand our career in new directions?

In this webinar, Dr. Kate Drabinski explores the power of public scholarship, what it entails, and how it can help us in our careers. Watch to learn all this, as well as what happens (and how to handle) when our public writing gets read, and even how to get paid for our words!

Writing for Non-Academic Audiences

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