Writing Syllabi that Work for the Classroom and Beyond - Multicolored colored pencils arranged in a circleWhat goes into a good syllabus? Is writing a syllabus for a class you’re actually going to teach different from writing a syllabus for a job application? What’s the balance between two much or too little information for students? And how can your syllabi help you build a multifaceted career both within and beyond academia?

In this webinar, Dr. Cathy Hannabach outlines best practices for crafting syllabi for multiple uses. She talks about how syllabi have multiple audiences (students with diverse embodiments and dis/abilities, your department chair, job search committees, fellowship committees, non-academic communities, alt-ac/post-ac hiring departments, and scholarly networks), and how to write them with those audiences in mind.

She covers what you need to include on your syllabi, what you have more artistic license to play with, and what to definitely leave off (i.e., how to avoid those mind-numbing 19-page syllabi with only text and a million nitpicky policies nobody reads).

Finally, she discusses how you can use your syllabi to build your career and professional network by sharing them with others.

Writing Syllabi that Work

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