Black typewriter with tan and brown keysAre you passionate about interdisciplinary careers beyond and within the academy? Do you love to write public pieces that don’t languish behind a paywall? We’re looking for awesome interdisciplinary authors to publish on the Ideas on Fire blog.

What we’re looking for

1000–2000 word blog posts that offer practical advice for building interdisciplinary, social justice-oriented careers within and beyond the academy. Our authors are cultural producers, editors, scholars, educators, artists, and podcasters who know that interdisciplinary PhDs build vibrant careers in all kinds of industries and fields and love writing pieces to help them do so.

Our main blog topics include writing routines and practices, academic and crossover publishing (especially books), interdisciplinary careers within and beyond the academy, academic book marketing, scholarly editing, book indexing, self-care, creativity, mentorship for diverse careers, and interdisciplinary teaching. Check out our blog for examples of the types and tone of the articles we publish.

When pitching, you do NOT have to have a finished piece—we have no interest in making folks do a bunch of work up front only to be told the piece isn’t a good fit (ahem, academic journals we’re looking at you…). Instead, we’re looking for a title idea, brief 300-word description of your post, and which of our post categories it falls under.

What you get

We pay USD $70 per accepted post and you get developmental editing and copyediting feedback on your piece by an Ideas on Fire editor before publication. You also retain full copyright of the article so if you want to republish it elsewhere later, you’re free to do so—your piece is always yours.

How to pitch us

Fill out the pitch form here to let us know your idea and how it fits with our blog’s audience and topics. Our pitch page also has more information about the process as well as frequently asked questions about publishing with us.

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