Weekend Reading: Refusals

Weekend Reading: Refusals

April 13, 2017
Weekend Reading - Orange tabby cat wearing glasses reading from an open book

We don’t often recognize how much of academic work is about refusals, both necessary and imposed. Setting boundaries tends to be perceived as antithetical to this increasingly connected world of ours, and we don’t have many resources at our disposal for doing so in a healthy way (look out for our blog post on the subject coming up next week!). But what unites the links we’ve gathered for this weekend is the radical notion that refusal—to offer your time and labor, to accept superficial diversity efforts, or to cede to models of scholarship that hide work behind a paywall and away from the public—should be recognized as both a necessity and a right.

Women, particularly women of color, are often expected to be all things to all people, and are rarely recognized for their labor. In academia especially, amidst the pressure to overcompensate and be the best, Getting to “No” can feel impossible.

The pressures faced by working mothers are tremendous. In academic environments, the myth of flexibility and the misconception that a non-traditional work schedule benefits those raising a family can be especially harmful.

Diversity is certainly a buzzword, so it is all-too-easy for institutions to co-opt it in a superficial way. What would it take to refuse the trend of diversity-as-rhetoric in favor of actual, actionable change rooted in social justice movements?

New Resources for Open Access scholarship and pedagogy urge us to think concertedly about how we define “openness” in our research, our teaching, and our work writ large.

Thinking about white privilege intersectionally helps us work across categories like race, gender, sexuality, and ability that are often considered in isolation.

It is an open secret that the demands of academic work leave little time for scholars to actually read. When the expectation to produce has reached a fever pitch, recognizing reading as labor is its own right bucks the status-quo.

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