Micha Rahder

Developmental editor
Micha Rahder wearing a grey sweater and glasses, in front of a bookcase

Dr. Micha Rahder (she/her) is a developmental editor at Ideas on Fire, where she helps interdisciplinary writers elevate their ideas and reach diverse audiences.

She runs MLR Writing and Editing and has over a decade of experience writing for academic and general audiences as well as over five years of professional editing and writing coaching experience.

Micha integrates feminist, antiracist, and anti-ableist principles into her editing, with the goal of strengthening and amplifying diverse voices within and beyond the academy.

A former faculty member at Louisiana State University, Micha holds a BA in biology, an MESc in environmental science, and a PhD in cultural anthropology.

Micha is also an independent scholar whose research focuses on the entanglements of science, politics, and more-than-human ecological worlds.

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