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You just wrote a book!

All those years of research, writing, brainstorming, pitching, re-writing, losing sleep, and re-writing some more have finally paid off and here you sit with a publishing contract in hand and a killer book to contribute to the world. Congratulations! This is the book that can shake up your field, that can put you in conversation with internationally-acclaimed authors, that can get you tenure. It’s real, finally.

Your publisher tells you when your page proofs will arrive (yay!) and then promptly asks who is doing your index.


A professional indexer can help.

Orient your reader to the stellar arguments your book makes

Connect your work to that of other authors

Ensure your readers can cite and build on your book in their own work

  • María Josefina Saldaña-Portillo 2
    Ideas on Fire's indexing exceeded my expectations. I was thoroughly impressed with their understanding of the concepts that I was working with, and they even realized some more concepts that I didn’t know that I was working with. Ideas on Fire is meticulous in their work because of their genuine passion for the material at hand. They approaches the index as the potential audience for the book. Fantastic!
    María Josefina Saldaña-Portillo
    author of Indian Given: Racial Geographies across Mexico and the United States
  • Lynn Comella
    Handing over my book's index to Ideas on Fire was one of the best decisions I made. Knowing that the index was in the hands of professionals allowed me to focus on my page proofs without the additional stress of compiling one on my own. The Ideas on Fire team really understand the value of a well-crafted index and the role it plays for readers. But more than this, they know how to compile one that is detailed, comprehensive, and academically robust.
    Lynn Comella
    author of Vibrator Nation: How Feminist Sex-Toy Stores Changed the Business of Pleasure
  • David Kazanjian
    I had heard great things about Ideas on Fire from friends and colleagues, and so I was looking forward to working with them. Ideas on Fire was clear, professional, prompt, and the work was impeccable. I was able to save time to work on other parts of my manuscript by virtue of them doing such an excellent job with my index.
    David Kazanjian
    author of The Brink of Freedom: Improvising Life in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World
IoF indexers: Cathy Hannabach, Sarah Grey, Emma Warnken Johnson

Meet the indexers

Each of our indexers—Cathy Hannabach, Sarah Grey, and Emma Warnken Johnson—has extensive experience indexing and editing (not to mention publishing) interdisciplinary, social justice-oriented scholarship in cultural studies, gender studies, African American studies, transgender studies, queer theory, disability studies, communication, Latin American studies, social justice movements, area studies, dance, film/media, and performance.

We know that interdisciplinary research comes with unique challenges and we hire the best indexers and editors to ensure your work shines.

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  • Yolanda Covington-Ward
    I was looking for a good indexer and I knew that Cathy is super intelligent, pays attention to detail, and is familiar with my research areas. Ideas on Fire even gave me some additional proofreading revisions to improve the manuscript. Ideas on Fire is thorough, efficient, and professional, and did an excellent job with my index.
    Yolanda Covington-Ward
    author of Gesture and Power: Religion, Nationalism, and Everyday Performance in Congo
  • Jill Dolan
    Ideas on Fire and Cathy constructed the index for three of my recent books (Wendy Wasserstein, Theatre and Sexuality, and The Feminist Spectator in Action), and I’d be delighted to hire them again. They're prompt, efficient, effective, and very good at what she does. They did an excellent job working under a tight deadline. Their work is thorough and precise, and collaborating with them is a pleasure.
    Jill Dolan
    author of Wendy Wasserstein, Theatre and Sexuality, and The Feminist Spectator in Action
  • Christopher Grobe
    The index created by the Ideas on Fire team is a work of art. I loved seeing the book through their eyes, and I was particularly impressed by some of the broader, big-picture entries they crafted. From the smallest details to the largest conceptual frameworks, this index will make my book easier for anyone to use. I'd recommend these indexing services to anyone but especially to interdisciplinary scholars.
    Christopher Grobe
    author of The Art of Confession: The Performance of Self from Robert Lowell to Reality TV

How we work together on your index


You fill out this form telling us the details of your project. We evaluate your needs to see if working together would be a good fit, then check our client calendar to determine when we can best complete your project. We then send you a detailed price quote so you can decide what works best for your needs and budget.


After you've looked over the price quote, we have a discussion by email, phone, or Skype during which we go over the logistics. This is also when you tell us if there are specific entries or subentries you definitely want included. We match you with the Ideas on Fire indexer whose subject area expertise best fits your project.


You send us the page proofs when you receive them from your publisher. We read through your book multiple times, generate the entry list and locators, and proofread the index.


We deliver an index draft that highlights the unique contribution your book makes in your fields. You let us know if you want any changes and we then send you the final index within 48 hours of receiving the requested changes.

  • Dean Spade
    I had never had to index a book before, and didn’t know what the process was or what it really involved, so I was a bit unsure how it would go. I was very relieved when my colleague recommended Ideas on Fire and said they were great. It was so great to have an expert to do this.
    Dean Spade
    author of Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and the Limits of Law
  • Brooke Duffy
    I’m so grateful that I chose Ideas on Fire; they are organized, have a keen eye for detail, and are well acquainted with the particularities of publishing an academic book. They created a comprehensive, consistent, and clearly organized index well ahead of schedule—and even caught errors the copyeditor overlooked!
    Brooke Duffy
    author of (Not) Getting Paid to Do What You Love: Gender, Social Media, and Aspirational Work, and Remake/Remodel
  • Elizabeth Ellcessor
    The Ideas on Fire indexers' close reading and careful work resulted in an index that will be a really usable reference for readers, and it let me see my own work in through different eyes. I'd recommend Ideas on Fire to others, particularly anyone working on critical studies of culture or on issues of social justice. Having someone who was not only excellent at editing tasks but was familiar with the intellectual traditions of my work resulted in a really wonderful experience and a top-notch end result.
    Elizabeth Ellcessor
    author of Restricted Access: Media, Disability, and the Politics of Participation

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