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Academic departments, scholarly associations, and research institutes face the critical task of supporting their faculty and postdocs in achieving publication success.

At Ideas on Fire, we understand the unique challenges of interdisciplinary academic writing and publishing.

Our customized academic publishing workshops are designed to equip interdisciplinary scholars with the skills and insights needed to navigate the complex landscape of academic publishing.

We offer virtual (Zoom-based) and in-person workshops focused on all parts of the research, writing, and publishing process.

Academic publishing workshop topics

Below are some of our most popular publishing workshops. We can also design a customized workshop to fit your needs.

Writing and publishing an interdisciplinary book

Go from draft to published

Interdisciplinary scholarship is some of the most vibrant and world-changing work out there. But it comes with unique challenges, including reaching a diverse set of audiences while also remaining legible in the fields that determine tenure and promotion.

Learn how to use the writing process to hone your unique interdisciplinary voice and build a book publishing plan that allows your work to truly shine.

Writing a successful book proposal

Capture publishers’ attention

Getting a book published is no small feat—and it starts with writing a successful book proposal that takes into account the current publishing landscape and audience desires.

Learn how to design a flexible writing schedule that fits your life and our ever-changing world, identify presses that are the right fit for your goals, and craft a compelling proposal that captures publishers’ attention.

Finding the right publisher for your interdisciplinary book

Identify the publishers who are the best fit

So you have a great interdisciplinary book idea and a kick-ass writing plan. Now it’s time to find a publisher.

It might be tempting to go with the first press that shows the slightest interest (the “let them come to you” approach), but that does a disservice to both your research and your career.

Learn how to identify and land the publisher that truly gets your unique project and has the resources and passion to see it through.

Book marketing for academics

Get the word out about your new book

Awesome interdisciplinary scholarly books can change the world—but people have to find them first. That requires a solid book marketing plan that begins long before publication, a marketing plan led by YOU.

Learn how to build your author platform, connect with readers and communities, harness publisher promotion support, and get the word out about your interdisciplinary book.

Recent academic publishing workshop clients

Social Science Research Council

University of Pennsylvania

Stanford University

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University at Buffalo

Central European University

University of California, Berkeley

University of Michigan

San Diego State University

University of Pittsburgh

Yale University

Publication Development Forum

Workshop formats and pricing

We offer 1-hour, 2-hour, half-day, and full-day workshop formats as well as in-person and Zoom-based options.

Our academic publishing workshop fees range from USD $1000 to USD $5000, depending on format, duration, and location.

We can work with most department and organization budgets, so please get in touch and we can schedule a call to discuss your event further.

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