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We offer courses in:

✓ Academic developmental editing

✓ Academic copyediting

✓ Editorial project management

✓ Academic podcasting

✓ Scholarly book indexing

Current courses

Introduction to Professional Academic Editing - Person types on a laptop

Introduction to Professional Academic Editing

Built for those pursuing an freelance academic editing career in the humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplines.

We cover:

  • How the academic publishing world is structured and where freelance academic editors come in
  • Best practices for developmental editing and copyediting academic scholarship
  • Prepping manuscripts and how to ask the right questions
  • Helping authors transform a dissertation into a publishable book
  • Troubleshooting tricky copyediting issues
  • Building and sustaining strong author relationships
  • Keeping up with changes and new developments in the academic editing world
Writing a Great Editorial Letter - Books on their side in a chevron pattern against a teal wall

Writing a Great Editorial Letter or Report

Built for developmental editors working with scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplines.

We cover:

  • Holistically evaluating a manuscript with and without in-text edits
  • Offering specific solutions to manuscript problems
  • Describing revision recommendations without overwhelming authors
  • Tying revision advice to academic authors’ goals and needs
  • Differentiating editorial letters from peer review reports while valuing both
  • Finding the language and structure that resonate with specific authors
Start an academic podcast - Yellow desk with headphones, microphone, and keyboard

How to Start an Academic Podcast

Built for scholars, departments, and scholarly associations seeking to create an academic podcast to showcase scholarly research.

We cover:

  • Building a great podcast pitch and deciding on a show theme
  • Identifying your audience and cultivating them over the long term
  • Budgeting for and funding your show
  • Finding guests and conducting successful interviews
  • Identifying what equipment your show and its hosts need
  • Making your show accessible via transcripts and metadata
  • Writing great show notes for your audience
  • Promoting your show
Public Engagement and Impact - White speech bubbles on yellow background

Public Engagement and Impact

Built for interdisciplinary scholars seeking to broaden their reach and engage communities beyond the academy.

We cover:

  • Why public engagement matters and how to get started
  • Identifying options that fit your unique goals, resources, and preferences
  • Adapting your voice for diverse audiences
  • Exploring crossover books that reach beyond the academy
  • Working with trade publishers and media outlets
  • Getting paid for your work
  • Harnessing the power of social media
  • Collaborating with others on public projects

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