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Introduction to Professional Academic Editing - Person types on a laptop

Introduction to Professional Academic Editing

Train for an academic editing career and learn developmental editing and copyediting skills, author relationship building, and project management

Focused on the humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplines, this course teaches you how to help academic authors write and publish fantastic work.

Public Engagement and Impact

Most of us started academic careers because we wanted to help build better worlds. But to do so, our research, skills, and creativity need to reach beyond the academy.

Whether you’re brand-new to taking your work public, a seasoned public intellectual looking to broaden your reach, or trying to adapt to our socially distanced present, this course can help you develop strategies that fit your resources and goals.

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How to Start an Academic Podcast - Podcast microphone on a boom arm

How to Start an Academic Podcast

Academic podcasting has exploded over the last decade, allowing scholars to broaden their research’s accessibility, enliven public conversations, and reshape what higher education means today.

Learn how to go from a great idea to a published show, including the technical, marketing, narrative, and community skills to get your podcast off the ground.

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