Sandra Ruiz wearing a grey vest and black shirt
July 3, 2019

Imagine Otherwise: Sandra Ruiz on Resetting the Colonial Clock

Cathy Hannabach interviews curator and professor Sandra Ruiz about Puerto Rican anti-colonial resistance and imagining otherwise towards decolonization.

Elicia Gonzales wearing a black shirt, against a green backdrop
November 29, 2017

Imagine Otherwise: Elicia Gonzales on Latinx Reproductive Justice

Sex educator and reproductive justice advocate Elicia Gonzales talks about how reproductive justice organizations can better incorporate intersectionality (and why they should), the role of Latinx and other queer of color movements in Philadelphia’s radical history, why pleasure is a right not a privilege, and why she puts listening at the center of how she imagines otherwise.

Karen Jaime wearing a grey suit and white button-down shirt
April 5, 2017

Imagine Otherwise: Karen Jaime on Queer Puerto Rican Slam Poetry

Karen Jaime chats about NYC queer and trans* Puerto Rican poets, how masculine-of-center and butch professors can use the classroom as an artistic/activist space, how poets paradoxically use language to bust through language barriers, and why queer and trans artists of color turn to multimedia work for social justice.

Francisco Galarte wearing a dark grey suit, red patterned tie, and glasses
March 7, 2017

Imagine Otherwise: Francisco Galarte on Chicanx Transgender Style

Francisco Galarte considers the racialized politics of style for Chicanx queer and transgender subjects, the classroom as a social justice space, and how trans faculty of color can queer the academy.

Karma Chávez wearing a light blue shirt
September 7, 2016

Imagine Otherwise: Karma Chávez on Queer Migration Politics

Karma Chávez discusses the intersectional politics of migration, how grassroots activism is essential to social change, the power of sound-based media, and how her work integrates art, activism, and academia.

Vicko Alvarez wearing a pink and purple jacket in front of a colorful outdoor background
July 27, 2016

Imagine Otherwise: Vicko Alvarez on Latina Feminist Comics

Vicko Alvarez chats about using comics in the K-12 classroom and how she drew on her life to create her two comic series—ScholaR Comics and CholActivist—which use lighthearted, sometimes humorous events to tell otherwise tough stories of growing up Latina in a low-income neighborhood.

micha cárdenas wearing a red coat, in front of green leaves
June 1, 2016

Imagine Otherwise: micha cárdenas on Wearable Technologies for Racial Justice

How can we retool science and technology to serve marginalized groups? micha cárdenas discusses using digital media and wearable technologies to protect Black and Latinx communities from police violence, how art can enable survival, and how queer and trans communities of color are imagining and creating more just worlds.