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On the Imagine Otherwise podcast

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Imagine Otherwise: Karen Tongson on Musical Migration and the Pleasures of Pop Culture

November 15, 2017 Podcast

Podcaster and professor Karen Tongson chats about music and its relationship to place, the migratory and melodic flows between Manila and Los Angeles, how the Spice Girls can help us understand Adorno and Horkheimer, and the queer and transnational inspiration that Karen draws from her namesake, Karen Carpenter.

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Imagine Otherwise: Aileen Suzara on Filipino Food Activism and Eco-Education

November 1, 2017 Podcast

Chef and eco-educator Aileen Suzara discusses her journey into professional cooking, the familial stories she has uncovered connecting land to community and memory, the important role of Filipino farmers in the sustainability movement, and how Filipino cooks and farmers across the diaspora are creating some tasty ways to imagine otherwise.

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Imagine Otherwise: Lakshmi Ramgopal on Postcolonial Music & the Pull of History

October 18, 2017 Podcast

Musician and scholar Lakshmi Ramgopal discusses her musical journey through Indian classical Carnatic music, electronica, and Riot Grrrl; her research on what colonial subjects under the Roman Empire can teach us about contemporary geopolitics; using tarot to destabilize what we think we know about our lives; and how she curates art exhibits to imagine more just worlds.

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On the Blog

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Sunset behind trees in a forest. Text reads "Get your book ready to send to publishers"

Get Your Book Ready to Send to Publishers

November 16, 2017 Blog

Want to submit your book proposal or manuscript to publishers in the new year? Our team of Ideas on Fire editors can help you craft a strong and well-supported argument to knock your readers’ socks off, a compelling narrative arc to tie all your chapters together, and an impact that reverberates through your community of readers and beyond.

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Person lays on a bed reading a book. Text reads "Rethinking your relationship to reading"

Rethinking Your Relationship To Reading

November 14, 2017 Blog

Despite the fact that reading takes up so much of our time, we rarely stop to reflect on or nurture our relationship to the written word. Is the act of reading pleasurable for you or does it feel like work? How do you like to read and do you often get to read that way? When do you know you’ve actually finished reading something—and understood it?

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Photo of an open book with a hollow back spine and pages have an orange finish. Text reads "Finding the right publisher for your first book"

Finding the Right Publisher for Your First Book

November 7, 2017 Blog

Publishing your first book is both exciting and daunting. Working with the right publisher can make all the difference though. Here's how to identify the presses that can best help your first book to shine.

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