2024 GLAAD LGBTQ Paris Olympic and Paralympic Guide

by | Jul 2, 2024

We are excited to announce that the ​LGBTQ Paris Olympic and Paralympic Guide​ that Ideas on Fire copyedited for GLAAD is now live! Our copyediting work with GLAAD and other nonprofits has focused on ensuring accessibility, consistency, clarity, and relevance for diverse audiences.

This guide for journalists, fans, editors, athletes, scholars, and media producers provides guidance on ensuring inclusive and accurate coverage of LGBTQ athletes and topics during the Olympics and Paralympics.

The LGBTQ Paris Olympic and Paralympic Guide includes terminology advice, best reporting practices, advocacy resources, and cultural and historical context for the politics of LGBTQ athletic representation.

Check it out!

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Cathy Hannabach is the founder and CEO of Ideas on Fire as well as the host of the Imagine Otherwise podcast.

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