New Books in August by IoF Authors

by | Aug 1, 2023

Whether you’re looking for fun beach reads, additions for your fall syllabi, or inspiration for new writing projects, the August new releases from the Ideas on Fire authors truly deliver.

Cover of The Center Cannot Hold, with a person standing in grass staring out over a beach and cliffs

The Center Cannot Hold: Decolonial Possibility in the Collapse of a Tanzanian NGO

by Jenna N. Hanchey

Duke University Press

A powerful look at the radical geopolitical possibilities that emerge when everything falls apart.

Cover of Kids Across the Spectrums, with multicolored outlines of children raising their arms above their heads

Kids Across the Spectrums: Growing Up Autistic in the Digital Age

by Meryl Alper

MIT Press

How autistic kids are remaking media and culture through their use of digital technologies.

Cover of The Radical Imagination of Black Women, with layered silhouettes of faces

The Radical Imagination of Black Women: Ambition, Politics, and Power

by Pearl K. Ford Dowe

Oxford University Press

How activism and community building goals shape the work of Black women politicians in national, state, and local governments.

Cover of Real Life in Real Time, with pixelated video game image

Real Life in Real Time: Live Streaming Culture

edited by Johanna Brewer, Bo Ruberg, Amanda L. L. Cullen, and Christopher J. Persaud

MIT Press

An exploration of the cultural and political impact of live streaming for communities, individuals, and social movements.

Cover of Death Glitch, with multicolored pixelated glitch image

Death Glitch: How Techno-Solutionism Fails Us in This Life and Beyond

by Tamara Kneese

Yale University Press

A thought-provoking read on how the social media platform economy is transforming our experiences of death.

Cover of Women’s Activist Theatre in Jamaica and South Africa, with a Black femme actor sitting on stage

Women’s Activist Theatre in Jamaica and South Africa: Gender, Race, and Performance Space

by Nicosia Shakes

University of Illinois Press

A multisited, transnational ethnography of how Black women activists use theatre to fight for gender, racial, and sexual justice.

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Cathy Hannabach is the founder and CEO of Ideas on Fire as well as the host of the Imagine Otherwise podcast.

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