New Books in May by Ideas on Fire Authors

by | May 16, 2024

Fascinating new interdisciplinary titles by ​Ideas on Fire authors​! Grab your copies at our Bookshop storefront to support these scholars, IoF, and your local bookstore.

Cover of Indigenous Science and Technology, with codex illustrations of trees, plants, and a scientist reading a book

Nahuas and the World Around Them

Kelly S. McDonough

A groundbreaking study of the scientific and technological prowess of Nahuas (Nahuatl speakers) and power of Indigenous science.

Cover of Atmospheres of Violence with goats moving through a mountain pass

Disaster and Repair in Kashmir

Omer Aijazi

A touching tribute to the everyday living and survival strategies created in atmospheres of empire and disaster.

Cover of Unsettling Queer Anthropology, with multicolored abstract shapes and lines

Foundations, Reorientations, and Departures

Margot Weiss

A vibrant overview of the field of queer anthropology as well as how queer approaches to culture can transform anthropology.

Cover of Trafficking Rhetoric, with a sword-wielding and justice-scales-holding statue on top of a neo-colonial style building

Race, Migration, and the Making of Modern-Day Slavery

Annie Hill

A multifaceted critique of how UK anti-trafficking rhetoric mobilizes racially gendered logics to extend state violence.

Cover of Kinethic California with colorful digital collage art of dancers

Dancing Funk and Disco Era Kinships

Naomi Macalalad Bragin

A cultural history of the 1970s Black social dance in California that paved the way for the global hip hop of today.

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Cathy Hannabach is the founder and CEO of Ideas on Fire as well as the host of the Imagine Otherwise podcast.

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