Self-Care at the End of the Semester

Self-Care at the End of the Semester

December 4, 2016

Self-Care for the End of the Semester - Drop of water in a pond

How can we navigate life on the margins of academia while centering oneself? How do we build bridges of care across work, community, and the self—three areas that US culture tends to treat as separate entities?

In this webinar, Dr. Julia Jordan-Zachary takes us through how living on the “ands” can humanize the academy and open up spaces where we can be true to who we are.

She focuses on three tools for learning to live on the “ands,” sharing exercises designed to help you build intellectual and spiritual community, shape a grounded creative practice, and navigate the emotional ups and downs of academic life without becoming overwhelmed, especially at the end of the semester.

Self Care at the End of the Semester

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