Guest: Vicko Alvarez

Vicko is the creator of ScholaR Comics and CholActivist—two comics projects inspired by Vicko’s life, Latina activism and chola culture. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas and currently living on the south side of Chicago, Vicko is one of five children born to working class immigrant parents. The stories told in ScholaR Comics reflect a clashing of cultures and generations. The comics use lighthearted, sometimes humorous events to tell otherwise tough stories of growing up Latina in a low-income neighborhood. ScholaR Comics’ main character is ScholaR, who is raised by the same hood, attended the same low-performing schools, and witnesses the same street brawls as everyone else. ScholaR’s a huge nerd though. ScholaR is a bookworm who cares about her hood. She cares about her classmates and she cares about her family. She knows her parents struggle to make ends meet and she knows her streets aren’t always safe for playing. What she doesn’t know is why.  Vicko is here today to talk about comic, education, social justice activism, and how she uses all three to imagine otherwise.

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