Imagine Otherwise: Lauren Rile Smith on Feminist Circus Art

Imagine Otherwise: Lauren Rile Smith on Feminist Circus Art

March 9, 2016

Lauren Rile Smith wearing an orange scarf and glasses


Lauren Rile Smith is a poet and performer, and the founder and producer of Tangle Movement Arts.

She has trained trapeze and other circus arts at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, the New England Center for Circus Arts, and LAVA Brooklyn.

When not on a trapeze, Lauren edits poetry for Cleaver Magazine.

Tangle Movement Arts is a Philadelphia-based circus arts company with a contemporary twist, whose performances mix traditional circus like trapeze and acrobatics with dance, theater, and live music to tell a multi-dimensional story. Tangle’s work is devised collaboratively by its all-female ensemble, and reflects individuals of diverse identities, with an emphasis on queer and female experience.

Lauren Rile Smith wearing an orange scarf and glasses. Text reads: Aerial dance is a way of telling stories that creates a sense of magical reality when you see someone upside down, spinning in the air, doing something you might not think is possible.

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